Step-by-step: In­vent­ing fig­ures with cor­rect pro­por­tions

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1 Be­fore sketch­ing, I so­lid­ify the pose I want in my imag­i­na­tion. The mind is sur­pris­ingly good at re­call­ing re­al­is­tic pro­por­tions. It’s how we cre­ate nor­mal­look­ing hu­mans in our dreams. If I can imag­ine a pose well, sketch­ing it will be just a mat­ter of fine-tun­ing what’s in my mind, us­ing head length mea­sure­ments.

2 It’s good prac­tice to hold off on draw­ing clothes un­til af­ter the fig­ure is cor­rectly es­tab­lished. Think of it like build­ing a house: mak­ing the out­side look nice won’t mean any­thing if the foun­da­tion isn’t strong and the es­sen­tial prob­lems haven’t been solved yet. If it’s a weak struc­ture, the en­tire thing will col­lapse.

3 Once the prob­lems of pro­por­tion and how clothes and ar­mour fit over body parts are solved, you’re free to ren­der and de­tail with­out wor­ry­ing if the draw­ing will be off. Some artists jump to this stage too soon, cre­at­ing fig­ures that are heav­ily de­tailed but with wonky pro­por­tions and anatomy. It pays to be pa­tient!

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