Step-by-step: Equip a fire­fighter from the fu­ture

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I be­gin by work­ing on the over­all de­sign and the graphic read of the sil­hou­ette. I imag­ine a pro­tec­tive suit that’s less bulky than typ­i­cal fire­fighter garb, and a hel­met/mask/re­breather hy­brid. I kept the re­flec­tive rec­tan­gu­lar strips to make the new sil­hou­ette recog­nis­able as a fire­fighter’s uni­form. Af­ter es­tab­lish­ing a strong, sim­ple graphic sil­hou­ette, I can ex­plore other an­gles and dive into de­tails. This three­quar­ters view en­ables me to ex­plore de­tails, such as the ex­haust vents on the hel­met, and the tubes go­ing from the ar­m­mounted vapour gun to the small wa­ter sup­ply on the wearer’s back. Once the de­sign is look­ing good from mul­ti­ple an­gles, I test out dif­fer­ent colour vari­a­tions, tak­ing care not to lose the strong graphic shapes that were es­tab­lished in val­ues dur­ing step one. Here, I try recog­nis­able fire­fighter colours, but it’s a good idea to also ex­plore un­usual colour schemes, too.

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