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I love us­ing odd panel shapes, but only to give the sto­ry­telling im­pact. As a rule, I only use them to heighten ex­cite­ment, par­tic­u­larly in ac­tion scenes. Care should be taken so that the sto­ry­telling re­mains clear, ar­rang­ing the pan­els so they flow into each other in­stead of con­fus­ing the reader. Com­pare these two pages: one of them is a talk­ing heads page with tra­di­tional, straight­for­ward panel shapes and ar­range­ment, re­in­forc­ing that this is a rel­a­tively quiet, mun­dane scene. The calm be­fore the storm. The other is an ac­tion page full of odd-shaped pan­els that con­vey a sense of chaos while still clearly di­rect­ing the reader’s eye across the page. Be sure the shape of the panel com­ple­ments the com­po­si­tion within.

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