Find the gen­eral shape

ImagineFX - - Fantasy Illustrator -

As usual, I start light, and keep in mind the char­ac­ter­is­tics I want to com­bine. I’m al­ways ask­ing my­self ques­tions. What does this crea­ture eat? How big is this crea­ture? What is its gen­eral at­ti­tude? Is it male or fe­male? Ad­dress­ing these ar­eas can help di­rect your de­sign.

I be­gin with the Col-Erase pen­cil by block­ing in the gen­eral struc­ture of the crea­ture, work­ing from light to dark. A spiny tailed lizard, a sec­re­tary bird and a tapir form the ba­sis of my crea­ture

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