Look at those de­tails

ImagineFX - - Fantasy Illustrator -

Next, I be­gin to de­fine cer­tain de­tails and shapes, al­ways be­ing care­ful to look at my ref­er­ence. Here I’ll be­gin to look at the tapir for the bulk of the body and the feet. The spiny tailed lizard helps with the tail, head and tex­ture of the crea­ture. I also look to the sec­re­tary bird for ideas about feather place­ment, eye place­ment and even­tu­ally colour.

It’s good to add and take away. Now is the time to experiment with shapes and fea­tures. When I draw in a new body fea­ture, I’m care­ful to start with a lighter touch. As I build up my crea­ture, I push down harder on my lead.

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