Step-by-step: Cre­ate a phoenix in Pho­to­shop

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First, cre­ate a ba­sic sil­hou­ette and colour pal­ette for your crea­ture. If you’re adding ef­fects to a crea­ture you’ve al­ready ren­dered, just pick an ex­ist­ing colour from its body and change your HSB slid­ers so that both the sat­u­ra­tion and bright­ness are set to a higher level. Use Soft brushes for the dark shades and Hard brushes for lighter ones. Be­cause I’m draw­ing a phoenix, I try to in­cor­po­rate fire- based light ef­fects by merg­ing flames with long el­e­gant frac­tals. I want my crea­ture to be fly­ing up­wards, so all my brush­strokes should flow smoothly from the top right of my paint­ing to the bot­tom left. I re­move some colour from the chest and head of the bird to mimic the look of a flame. For the epi­cen­tre of your ef­fects, the light will usu­ally be bright and opaque. You can use Color Dodge blend­ing or Brush mode to quickly fill this in, or do it man­u­ally by turn­ing both your Sat­u­ra­tion and Bright­ness slid­ers up to 100 per cent. I’m aim­ing for a spark-type ef­fect here, us­ing a hot white colour and splin­ter­ing straight lines.

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