Go be­yond Krita layer ba­sics

Learn about more ad­vanced layer fea­tures and find out how to use them. Katarzyna Oleska lays out the avail­able op­tions

ImagineFX - - Issue 129 Christmas 2015 -

Ad­vanced layer fea­tures, with Katarzyna Oleska.

Apart from the ba­sic ac­tions you can per­form on lay­ers, you can also con­trol them in a cou­ple of more ad­vanced ways, which can speed up your paint­ing process. Each layer can be ad­justed by us­ing fil­ters, and choos­ing one of th­ese op­tions will af­fect the layer per­ma­nently.

Trans­parency Mask

To cre­ate a Trans­parency Mask click an ar­row next to the + icon on the Lay­ers Docker and choose it from the list. Se­lect the Trans­parency Mask and start paint­ing (Color Se­lec­tor will change to mono­chrome). The black painted ar­eas rep­re­sent 100 per cent trans­parency and the white ar­eas 0 per cent. Shades of grey in be­tween th­ese two colours rep­re­sent dif­fer­ent val­ues of opac­ity.

Fil­ter Layer vs Fil­ter Mask

Both Fil­ter Layer and Fil­ter Mask en­able the user to ap­ply dif­fer­ent fil­ters to the im­age or se­lected layer with­out af­fect­ing it per­ma­nently. Fil­ter Layer works in­de­pen­dently and af­fects every­thing that’s be­low it. Fil­ter Mask works only with one par­tic­u­lar layer and af­fects only that layer. Here the Fil­ter Mask only af­fects the pi­rate and not back­ground

You can also use masks and spe­cial lay­ers (ac­ces­si­ble via the Lay­ers Docker) that will only tem­po­rar­ily af­fect the paint­ing, be­cause they can be switched off and on. It may in­crease the size of the file (for for­mats that sup­port lay­ers), but th­ese spe­cial lay­ers en­sures the user has greater con­trol over their paint­ing process.

Bring in art­work on a File Layer

File Layer makes it pos­si­ble to im­port any im­age file to your paint­ing. Once im­ported, it acts like a new layer (a multi-layer file will show in a flat­tened state). The File Layer, how­ever, re­mains linked to the orig­i­nal file and so any changes made to the orig­i­nal file will also be vis­i­ble in your paint­ing.



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