Paint ma­te­ri­als with a sense of his­tory

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First I cre­ate my two- point per­spec­tive grid to sup­port my draw­ing, and quickly block in the sil­hou­ette of my ship based on a rough sketch. I imag­ine that this is a fast cargo ship, de­signed for car­ry­ing goods around the planet, so I lay down a sim­ple, aero­dy­namic shape. Af­ter chang­ing the shape of my ship I add de­tails. I try to find a bal­ance be­tween larger shapes and smaller, more com­plex el­e­ments. You can en­hance the re­al­ism of your piece by break­ing up the big­ger sur­faces with small de­tails, such as the lines of the pan­elling, and medi­um­sized shapes like the paint scheme. Now I add the ageing and weath­er­ing to all the ma­te­ri­als on dis­play. I al­ways try to cre­ate a lit­tle story in my head and imag­ine what the ship has been gone through. Try to vary the ageing by us­ing dif­fer­ent dis­tress­ing tech­niques on the ma­te­ri­als, such as rust, dust, dirt, scratches, dents and peel­ing paint.

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