Ap­ply form over func­tion

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Like most of my art, I start off with small value thumb­nails to fig­ure out my main struc­ture first. Work­ing from a list of de­scrip­tive words, I play around with shapes against a black back­ground (be­cause we al­ready know it’s go­ing to be in space) , and when some­thing cap­tures the story I’m go­ing for and has that Star Warsi­ness, I know I can move on. Now it’s time to fig­ure out your in­stru­ments. We’ll need a large mon­i­tor for the main radar, a screen for the tar­get­ing com­put­ers, and some kind of con­trol de­vice. Other than that, it’s re­ally form over func­tion. Things like an ejec­tion pull- chord help con­vey that this is a real ship, but when it comes to gauges it’s just a case of what feels right for the nar­ra­tive. Now that every­thing is in place, it’s time to turn on (and off) some lights. Any­thing that’s il­lu­mi­nated be­comes a fo­cal point for your viewer, and heav­ily in­flu­ences the rhythm of your piece. Fo­cus on avoid­ing bor­ing ar­eas where all the lights are all turned on, and keep things bal­anced enough to not draw at­ten­tion where it isn’t wanted.

Christ­mas 2015

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