Dar­ren Yeow

Pimp my ride From sound-proofed walls to op­ti­mum light­ing, the Aus­tralia-based artist ex­plains his quest for the per­fect work space

ImagineFX - - Imagine Nation News - Dar­ren cre­ated the No­mad Art Satchel, and you can see his art at www.sty­lus-mon­key.com.

Over the past few years, my free­lance ca­reer has shifted from con­cept artist to a cre­ative-busi­ness role. I still de­sign and draw ev­ery day, but I also have many other re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, such as sales, mar­ket­ing, fi­nance, lo­gis­tics man­age­ment and team lead­er­ship as my busi­ness de­vel­ops from client work to cre­at­ing pri­mar­ily for my own brands – and I think my of­fice re­flects this.

My method is pri­mar­ily dig­i­tal be­cause it short­ens the client-feed­back process. While I still sketch on pa­per, I don’t tend to use ‘messy’ me­dia be­cause I keep my main of­fice as clean as pos­si­ble for client and in­vestor meet­ings. If I need tex­tures, I’ll cre­ate them in the garage where I have a sec­ond workspace setup for tasks such as paint­ing, sculpt­ing and wood­work.

The work rig is an open-chas­sis, liq­uid­cooled mon­ster that can han­dle al­most any task I throw at it, from 2D or 3D to 4k video pro­duc­tion. I have three mon­i­tors at­tached to it: two of which are Cin­tiqs (21UX and 27QHD) for on-screen draw­ing and paint­ing, and a third that’s a large, 30-inch mon­i­tor to place ref­er­ences or do busi­ness stuff. I also have a sep­a­rate tele­vi­sion to re­view footage and do pre­sen­ta­tions.

I’ve been in this of­fice for about six months now, and it’s on the sec­ond floor to the rear of our newly built home. While I love that my son and wife are home most of the time, I some­times need to hit tight sched­ules and this setup en­ables the nec­es­sary phys­i­cal sep­a­ra­tion when nec­es­sary.

We al­tered the orig­i­nal floor­plans with the builder so that I could in­crease the stu­dio space and I also up­graded a bunch of things to en­able my busi­ness to func­tion more ef­fec­tively. For in­stance, the room has an

NBN con­nec­tion (the fastest res­i­den­tial in­ter­net in Aus­tralia), mak­ing it pos­si­ble to up­load client files in 10-15 min­utes in­stead of a day or more, and I also up­graded the slid­ing wardrobe doors with ceil­ing-to-floor mir­rors so that I could use my­self as an art ref­er­ence and prac­tise pre­sen­ta­tions.

I’m never sat­is­fied and al­ready plan­ning the fea­tures for my next of­fice/home, but I do ad­mit the cur­rent setup works well. I feel in­spired, re­laxed and ready to do good work when­ever I en­ter the room.

My open-chas­sis Mon­ster Rig – I chose this chas­sis be­cause I ab­so­lutely love the rugged beastly aes­thetic. The down­lights in the ceil­ing were up­graded with dim­ming ca­pa­bil­i­ties to ad­just for bet­ter video ex­po­sure if I’m record­ing video. My dark grey glass ta­ble is fit­ted with a side re­turn to keep every­thing within easy reach.

The walls have em­bed­ded sound-in­su­la­tion, which means I’m able to Skype in­ter­na­tional clients at any time with­out wak­ing my fam­ily. Ref­er­ence and in­spi­ra­tional books on a myr­iad of sub­jects. I never had the chance to go to art school, so th­ese books were my ed­u­ca­tion and they mean a lot to me. Lots of screen real es­tate for easy ac­cess to ref­er­ences, to-do lists, email and files.

Thanks to my rear shelves, I’m sur­rounded by in­spir­ing prop­er­ties,

art and tech­nol­ogy. Found gifts from my toddler and a photo of when my wife was preg­nant – to re­mind me of what’s im­por­tant.

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