2D, or not 2D?

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I’ve been a pro­fes­sional con­cept artist for a year now, and have been buy­ing Imag­ineFX on and off for years. I still find your work­shops are full of great tips for dig­i­tal artists, but I have no­ticed one thing that’s a lit­tle lack­ing: 3D work­shops!

I think th­ese days it’s be­com­ing more ex­pected in the industry that dig­i­tal artists have not only 2D skills, but also 3D. I’m no stranger to free 3D soft­ware pack­ages like SketchUp, but I’d like to see tu­to­ri­als that bridge the gap be­tween the two di­men­sions.

Iwan Turner, via email

Beren replies This is a timely email, be­cause the sub­ject has been on the Imag­ineFX team’s col­lec­tive brain for a while. Short an­swer: we do it al­ready! We’ve had a se­ries of sin­gle page ‘Core Skills’ tu­to­ri­als on SketchUp (see is­sues 109-116), and this is­sue’s work­shops by Josh Viers and Feng Zhu fol­low ini­tial steps in 3D and fur­ther work in Pho­to­shop to cre­ate mega con­cept art. No doubt, we can, and pos­si­bly will, in­cor­po­rate more 3D el­e­ments into the mag­a­zine (for ex­am­ple, in the Q& A sec­tion), but be sure to check out past is­sues for some dy­na­mite 2D/3D bangers, no­tably in is­sues 126 (Brian Matyas uses SketchUp) and 125 (Matt Kohr takes on Blender).

This moody con­cept piece was cre­ated by Brian Matyas, who used SketchUp to com­pose and light the scene.

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