make use of your Layer op­tions

ImagineFX - - Quick Technique Advanced Layers -

A. This Paint­layer is used Layer specif­i­cally for paint­ing with brushes and for ras­terised pat­terns.

B. Group Layer Group­many lay­ers Layer within works it. likeIt a helps folder or­gan­ise con­tain­ingthe file lay­ers and it you con­tains)can switch­with onea group click. (and the

C. Clone Layer You can clone any of the ex­ist­ing lay­ers. All the changes you make to the orig­i­nal layer will also ap­pear on the Clone Layer.

D. Vec­tor Layer You can use cer­tain tools on a vec­tor layer and ob­serve how dif­fer­ently they be­have in com­par­i­son to the Paint Layer. Cre­at­ing shapes (rec­tan­gles, cir­cles and so forth) filled with colours, pat­terns and gra­di­ents will en­able you to edit them (colours, pat­terns, gra­di­ents) as you go.

E. Fill Layer Here you can cre­ate lay­ers filled with colour or pat­tern. How­ever, th­ese lay­ers, un­like vec­tor lay­ers, can’t be edited once cre­ated.

F. Trans­form Mask This mask en­ables you to move, ro­tate, scale and change the shape of the layer that it’s at­tached to, with­out chang­ing its orig­i­nal shape. To re­vert to this orig­i­nal shape sim­ply turn the mask off. G. Move layer out of or into a group To make a layer a part of a group you need to po­si­tion it above that group and click the Move layer into group but­ton. To move it out click Move layer out of group. You can also cre­ate sub-groups within groups and move them into and out of groups the same way.

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