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The val­ues of hard work and dis­ci­pline run through­out this con­cept artist’s or­gan­ised stu­dio space

ImagineFX - - Contents - Long is a free­lance con­cept artist and il­lus­tra­tor. You can see more of his work at www.long­

The val­ues of hard work and dis­ci­pline run through­out Long Pham’s or­gan­ised stu­dio space.

I spend my day at my small desk, which has ev­ery­thing I need to work. The desk it­self I grabbed from a friend back in high school.

I love be­ing at my desk. It’s in a cor­ner of my house in Mont­pel­lier, France, away from the win­dows to avoid any glare from the strong sun of the south. I cleaned up the place a tiny bit for this ar­ti­cle – there’s usu­ally a few ex­tra cof­fee mugs in view!

Work­ing from home is the best ap­proach for me. I haven’t looked into shared stu­dio spa­ces yet but I know friends who love it, so that may be some­thing to think about in the fu­ture. I really enjoy not hav­ing to com­mute to an of­fice, though.

I use two com­puter mon­i­tors so I have a lot of desk­top space to play with. I also have a small part of my li­brary up on a shelf that’s within easy reach, with in­spi­ra­tional arte­facts and art text­books.

On an av­er­age day I just use my draw­ing tablet – an In­tuos 5 medium that re­placed my old Cin­tiq – and a small key­pad for shortcuts. I feel that the In­tuos is eas­ier to work with than the cum­ber­some Cin­tiq. It’s also eas­ier to move if I have to travel. Hav­ing said this, I find 3D work is of­ten more com­fort­able with the mouse. Other than the tablet I don’t use any­thing spe­cial, just a com­puter that was built on a bud­get, yet has de­cent pro­cess­ing power. I love mix­ing work­flows and ex­per­i­ment­ing with 3D, tra­di­tional me­dia and Pho­to­shop.

I do my work only dur­ing the day, es­pe­cially in the morn­ing. I find that it’s a great way for me to stay or­gan­ised and fo­cused when dead­lines are upon me. It can be es­pe­cially chal­leng­ing to work from home with so many dis­trac­tions around you, so a solid sched­ule is a great help for me.

This is a small statue of Guan Yu that was given to me by an old friend. It’s a sym­bol of dis­ci­pline, loy­alty and re­spect that’s very strong, es­pe­cially in the mar­tial arts and more broadly in Asia. Un­der my desk is my fil­ing drawer where I keep pen sketches, writ­ten art lessons, in­spi­ra­tional bits and pieces, con­tracts and ref­er­ences. I’m rather lazy and re­alised that be­ing more or­gan­ised is faster and less tir­ing in the end! Art text­books, art books and other things – al­ways handy for in­spi­ra­tion and when you’re stuck. I have good vi­sion, but re­cently got glasses to help with fatigue from us­ing the com­puter all day. If you don’t wear glasses but feel tired or ex­pe­ri­ence reg­u­lar headaches, it’s best to see an op­ti­cian to check your eye­sight.

Here’s my trusty Smudge­guard glove. It’s hard for me to use a tablet with­out it, and I can’t rec­om­mend it enough

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