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More comic good­ness

I ab­so­lutely loved the in­die comics is­sue with Tank Girl on the cover [is­sue 128], and just won­dered if you were go­ing to con­tinue to in­ject more comic good­ness into your is­sues? I really want to get se­ri­ous about making se­quen­tial art – per­haps some tips on how to cre­ate your own sto­ry­board, or how comic artists find/grab at­ten­tion from writ­ers to col­lab­o­rate with! Any­way, keep up the good work. Kath Earle, via email

Beren replies

Great to hear you liked our Tank Girl is­sue, Kath, and all the comic art good­ness in­side (in­clud­ing 21st Cen­tury Tank Girl artist Brett Par­sons’ work­shop. I love that guy’s style!) It’s al­ways fun putting to­gether is­sues that fo­cus on comics, so much so that we’re aim­ing to release two comic art-spe­cific is­sues a year – pre­vi­ously it’s been just the one.

Fur­ther­more, by test­ing out ‘in­die’ comics as the main ‘ hit’ on the cover – as op­posed to the usual su­pes of DC/Marvel – we’ve hope­fully opened up the range that we can pool from. So yeah, plenty more to come!

Keep it spe­cial

I’ve been en­joy­ing the lat­est spe­cial edi­tions from ImagineFX, es­pe­cially The Art of Film: Fan­tasy (Vol­ume 2), and the Learn To Paint & Draw spe­cial. They’ve really in­spired me to get back into art and illustration af­ter a few years of in­ac­tiv­ity! I was won­der­ing if you have any more spe­cials in the pipe­line? It would be great to know what they might be fo­cus­ing on as well. Fail­ing that, an is­sue that ex­plored illustration soft­ware for be­gin­ners would also be really use­ful. David Brew­ers, via email

Beren replies

Hi David, we’ve got a bunch of spe­cials, or ‘ bookazines’ as we call them... don’t ask, planned for the fu­ture. I can say that a spe­cial one look­ing at an­i­ma­tion art, and fea­tur­ing Dis­ney’s 12 rules of an­i­ma­tion, is on sale from 10 De­cem­ber. As far as other ti­tles and themes are con­cerned, we have to play that close to our chest, as get­ting the right con­tent that would be rel­e­vant to the ImagineFX, and broader, au­di­ence, is a tricky busi­ness. I really like the idea about illustration soft­ware for be­gin­ners – so much so that I’ve gone back in time and planted sin­gle page Core Skills se­ries look­ing at ex­actly that, on Painter, Paint Tool SAI, Pro­cre­ate and many more, in each is­sue of the mag. You’re wel­come!

No Sith, Sher­lock

Love this month’s mag­a­zine, great work as usual. I have to cor­rect you on the Star Wars ref­er­ence in your ed­i­to­rial though. Kylo is no Sith! Merely a dark Jedi af­fil­i­ated to sub-sect cult known as The Knights Of Ren... ap­par­ently. The Sith are long dead af­ter the events from Re­turn of the Jedi, so I ap­plaud this fo­cus on new fac­tions in the Star Wars uni­verse. Who wants a sim­ple old re­peat of the orig­i­nal tril­ogy?

Any­way, here’s to the soon-to-be-an­nual Christ­mas-time treat from Lu­cas­film/ Dis­ney that is the re­ju­ve­nated Star Wars fran­chise! Right, I’m off to try and win that Sphero BB-8! Matt Squibbs, via email

Beren replies

Yo Matt! Thanks for your let­ter – we al­ways ap­pre­ci­ate the ea­gle eyes of our beloved read­ers. How­ever, I must cor­rect your ea­ger ob­ser­va­tion. I ac­tu­ally wrote of, “the pos­si­ble Sith badass Kylo Ren.” I know, this could be construed as pedan­tic, but I specif­i­cally whacked that qual­i­fier in there be­cause we knew so lit­tle about the film at the time. So much so, that I still wouldn’t be sur­prised if Kylo Ren turned out to be a cru­elly shunned Ewok, de­spised by his ver­ti­cally chal­lenged brethren who felt be­trayed by his tow­er­ing stature, des­tined to wear a mask of metal to cover his guilty hairy cheeks for­ever more… err, or some­thing.

The Art of Film: Fan­tasy (Vol­ume 2) is a spe­cial edi­tion that fea­tures artists who worked on clas­sic fan­tasy films.

Brett Par­sons’ bright, bold take on Tank Girl on is­sue 128’s cover her­alded a new di­rec­tion for ImagineFX: the world of in­die comics.

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