Jana Schirmer

The Ger­man artist on los­ing then re­gain­ing her mojo

ImagineFX - - Imaginenation - Jana’s a full-time free­lance il­lus­tra­tor who creates art for the video games in­dus­try. She also col­lects stick­ers. www.janaschi.de­viantart.com

You posted about your artis­tic frus­tra­tions on Face­book – has any­thing changed since?

Things have got a lot bet­ter. I re­ceived over­whelm­ing feed­back from other artists, say­ing they some­times go through the same prob­lems. This sup­port was awesome. It helped me re­lax and fo­cus on fight­ing the prob­lem.

How did you man­age to find your mo­ti­va­tion again?

The first thing was not to get too stressed about it. It’s hard to ac­cept some­times that there will be times where you just need to rest, and it’s to­tally okay! I’m lis­ten­ing to my­self more and try­ing to see what di­rec­tion I want to go. I’m hav­ing fun paint­ing and draw­ing again. I’m very self-crit­i­cal – some­times it helps drive me for­ward, but in this case it’d stopped me in my tracks.

What’s the big­gest les­son you’ve learned for the ex­pe­ri­ence?

I learned mostly that we’re all hu­man and can’t func­tion 100 per cent all the time. Giv­ing your­self time to breathe and re­fuel is im­por­tant. I’d get stressed when I saw all th­ese artists post­ing amaz­ing work on Face­book and I wasn’t pro­duc­ing any­thing. But ev­ery­one has their ups and downs.

What would you say to an artist who feels they’re stag­nat­ing?

Try to re­mem­ber what got you draw­ing in the first place. There are no rules for art, so there shouldn’t really be any rea­son to be stressed. Al­low your­self to do what­ever you want! Keep your eyes open for in­spi­ra­tion – out­side the art world – for ideas that will make you ex­cited to paint again. Maybe there’s some­thing only you will be able to ex­press a cer­tain way?

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