In­tro­duc­ing drop shad­ows

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First I draw a shadow, and only then paint what the shadow casts. This means that I don’t need to cre­ate count­less lay­ers. I pre­fer to work on three or four. If in doubt, I draw a new el­e­ment on a sep­a­rate layer. If I like the re­sult then I merge all my lay­ers. Fur­ther­more, it’s im­por­tant that I ac­cu­rately de­pict the tex­ture of the sleeve fab­ric. First I make a multi-layer chif­fon neck­line and then re­peat this for the cuffs, so they look like the pe­tals of a rose. To give tis­sue more lus­tre and tex­ture, I use a cus­tom brush and ap­ply a few scratches.

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