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This is one of the tools avail­able through the Ruler As­sis­tant Ed­i­tor, and is cre­ated by build­ing sep­a­rate planes with van­ish­ing points. You can cre­ate many planes, but if you’re cre­at­ing a van­ish­ing point per­spec­tive, make sure the van­ish­ing points of all the planes meet in the same spot. A. Cre­at­ing planes To cre­ate a plane, click in four places on your can­vas. You can ad­just the lo­ca­tion of th­ese points later on. You can also con­nect cor­ner points of sep­a­rate planes to­gether.

B. Mov­ing planes Each plane can be moved by click­ing a mark in the cen­tre and drag­ging it around. If the plane is con­nected to an­other plane it’ll also af­fect the other. C. Delet­ing planes Each plane can be deleted at any time by click­ing a red X.

D. Van­ish­ing point Each plane has its own van­ish­ing point, even if they’re con­nected. If you want the van­ish­ing points of mul­ti­ple planes to meet, you have to do that man­u­ally. E. Cre­at­ing a new plane from an ex­ist­ing one If your planes are con­nected, the eas­i­est way to cre­ate a new one is to sim­ply click and drag the mid-point on one of the ex­ist­ing planes’ sides. F. Turn­ing planes’ vis­i­bil­ity off To do this you need to click the eye sym­bol at­tached to the plane. This will make it invisible: the plane will fade and if you then de­cide to use the Brush tool with As­sis­tant mode on it won’t af­fect the brush strokes.

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