bring­ing ev­ery­thing to­gether

Dis­cover how Laura de­vel­oped the char­ac­ter of An­neli, Be­guiled De­mon, from Leg­end of the Cryp­tids

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1 Cap­tur­ing the ba­sic pose

In gen­eral, I don’t make very de­tailed sketches; in­stead, they’re rather car­toony. I change my mind a lot dur­ing the paint­ing process and re­size or move things around, so pre­cise line work isn’t for me. At this point I only care about find­ing a ba­sic pose and block­ing in some shapes and colours.

2 De­tail­ing the face

Ideally, one should work on all as­pects of an im­age at the same time, but I of­ten get car­ried away and forget to look else­where, so parts of the im­age are al­ways more pol­ished than oth­ers. Al­most in­vari­ably, I start with the face and don’t move on un­til it’s al­most com­pletely done.

3 Pol­ish­ing the scene

Af­ter com­plet­ing the char­ac­ter, the back­ground is the last el­e­ment to be tack­led, but I make sure it’s at least par­tially ren­dered first, to avoid in­con­sis­ten­cies. Fin­ish­ing touches are ap­plied in ad­just­ments lay­ers, usu­ally for im­proved con­trast or colour bal­ance. Over­lay lay­ers add depth and sub­tle de­tails, such as dust par­ti­cles.

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