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1 Thumb­nail ideas

I want to de­velop a fore­short­ened com­po­si­tion that cap­tures Jinx’s en­ergy. My four ideas are: Jinx ly­ing in a bath full of bul­lets; Jinx re­coil­ing from a rocket blast; Jinx hang­ing from an air bal­loon; and Jinx rid­ing a rocket into the sky. We de­cide that the fi­nal op­tion best re­flects her fun-lov­ing na­ture, while also show­ing off her per­sonal ar­moury.

2 Paint colour comps

Be­fore ren­der­ing the cho­sen cover con­cept, I pro­duce colour comps to find the best colour pal­ette. I play with warm and cools, and sat­u­ra­tion ver­sus de­sat­u­ra­tion. My first comp is the one that’s cho­sen: a cool blue/green moon­lit night sky, with warm un­der-light­ing for con­trast. Jinx’s skin tone is a cool laven­der, with warm fill/rim light.

3 Lay down the line art

I used to be a comic book artist (I’ve drawn art for Street Fighter and Dead­pool, among oth­ers), so I’m used to see­ing form and struc­ture in lines. As such, I of­ten draw out my splash art us­ing only line art. It helps later on in the paint­ing process be­cause you don’t have to worry about anatomy and per­spec­tive: th­ese core el­e­ments are al­ready in place.

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