Le ague of Le gends 2v2

KD ex­plains the think­ing be­hind his ki­netic con­cept art for the mega-pop­u­lar MOBA

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This con­cept art piece for Riot Games’ League of Leg­ends on­line bat­tler is one of KD’s favourites. It was de­signed to demon­strate the team­work be­hind the game’s 2v2 mode.

”I picked Draven and Dar­ius for team A, and Kata­rina and He­carim for team B,” KD ex­plains of the char­ac­ters fea­tured in the im­age. “I then did some sketches for the con­cept.” He says the big­gest chal­lenge in this im­age was keep­ing the colour sat­u­ra­tion high and hav­ing strong, con­trast­ing colour tones.

He also added Riot Games’ style, he says, us­ing plenty of light­ing ef­fects to bring out the drama. “Along with the con­trast of warm and cold colours, each char­ac­ter in my paint­ing has a sharp con­trast and re­flects each oth­ers’ per­son­al­ity. It also made a cool com­po­si­tion for the story. It’s all about making my sto­ry­telling more in­ter­est­ing.”

1 Ini­tial com­po­si­tion

I start by draft­ing a fairly sim­ple com­po­si­tion. Dar­ius is at­tack­ing Kata­rina – Kata­rina, how­ever, is clev­erly dodg­ing the at­tack – while He­carim con­fronts Draven. Dar­ius is a strong char­ac­ter, a hero, so I have him wav­ing his axe in or­der to make him look more pow­er­ful. It’s a night-time scene, so I have to think about sil­hou­ettes.

2 The story emerges

I brighten the pic­ture a lit­tle, then in­crease the sat­u­ra­tion. Then I ad­just the dy­namism of the char­ac­ters again, ex­per­i­ment­ing with spe­cial ef­fects. A plot emerges: Dar­ius didn’t hit Kata­rina but the bra­zier in­stead. Kata­rina dodged the at­tack and sneaked be­hind Draven. This makes it feel more dy­namic.

3 Get­ting into de­tail

Draven is crafty, he’s a guilty hero, so I give him a ex­ag­ger­ated pose as he waves his axes, as well as a sin­is­ter smile to help his char­ac­ter res­onate with fans and play­ers. With He­carim, I let him have his shad­ows rush to­wards Draven. I add some back­ground de­tails at this stage too, and on the char­ac­ters.

4 Back­ground

I join the fire up in the back­ground and ex­pand the scope of its im­pact. Again, I slightly ad­just the dy­namic lev­els and sense of vol­ume. The dis­tinc­tion be­tween pri­mary and sec­ondary isn’t an ob­vi­ous ad­just­ment, so I dim my screen and ad­just the bright­ness, to make the com­po­si­tion feel a bit more com­plete.

5 More ad­just­ments

Now the back­ground feels a bit too close, so I join the dis­tance be­tween the per­spec­tive, char­ac­ters and back­ground. I ad­just the fig­ures again to high­light de­tails. To help make the screen feel like it’s mov­ing I add some fly­ing stones.

6 Fi­nal tweaks

For bet­ter per­spec­tive I ad­just some char­ac­ter sizes to form a clear hi­er­ar­chy and add dy­namism. And it’s done!

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