Wolver ine VS Dead­pool Corps

KD was in­vited by CB Ce­bul­ski to paint a Marvel scene. Here’s how he went about it…

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“Be­cause you don’t have to­tal cre­ative free­dom when paint­ing es­tab­lished comic char­ac­ters, the dif­fi­culty is rel­a­tively large. I pick one I know a lit­tle bet­ter, Wolver­ine.

I de­pict Wolver­ine rid­ing a mo­tor­cy­cle in the wind, with Dead­pool Corps as the provo­ca­teurs. I add a bridge above them, so the more dra­matic light­ing will be seen. I work hard to cre­ate re­al­is­tic light­ing.

I make it more sym­met­ri­cal on both sides, to break the back­ground feel­ing. I ad­just the sign many times: I like to use el­e­ments of the scene to help man­u­fac­ture the story. I ad­just the over­all light and add more de­tail. Af­ter adding con­trast, sub­tle colour changes make the paint­ing look richer.”

“What has in­flu­enced me the most is the as­pects of tol­er­ance and syn­the­sis of Chi­nese cul­ture, which is some­thing that I’ve thought about from time to time and grad­u­ally started to ex­plore,” he says. “Re­gard­less of what as­pect of the cul­ture [you look at], be­ing able to ex­am­ine and understand the essence of it and use it – that’s my main in­spi­ra­tion.”

Cur­rently, most of his time is taken up with pre­pro­duc­tion for two films in the Leg­end of Rav­aging Dy­nas­ties (LORD) se­ries, di­rected by Guo Jing­ming and sched­uled for release in the mid­dle of 2016 – al­though again, th­ese are un­likely to be shown out­side of China.

“My main work is han­dling all the dif­fer­ent con­cep­tual de­signs and draw­ing

I love sculp­ture. I also have a large col­lec­tion of film and tele­vi­sion mer­chan­dise

up the art­work for the at­mo­spheric ef­fects, as well as over­see­ing the main scene de­signs,” says KD. He’s also been hired by Chi­nese game com­pany Per­fect World, which de­vel­ops nu­mer­ous on­line games such as the in­cred­i­bly pop­u­lar DOTA 2, as well as lesser-known ti­tles such as Em­pire of the Im­mor­tals (a long-run­ning MMORPG) and Hot Dance Party, an­other on­line-only ti­tle where the clue is in the name. “There, I’m re­spon­si­ble for the main poster de­signs for nu­mer­ous art projects, and lead­ing the team re­spon­si­ble for the pre­pro­duc­tion con­cept art for CG trail­ers,” he says.

Wher­ever pos­si­ble, KD prefers to work at his clients’ stu­dios while on a project: “I really like work­ing in the stu­dio be­cause I like to in­ter­act with col­leagues and find it in­ter­est­ing co­op­er­at­ing with peo­ple,” he says. “I find it helps us all to im­prove what we do.”

making time for sculp­ture

Clay mod­el­ling is an­other area which in­ter­ests him. His web­site port­fo­lio, for in­stance, fea­tures a bril­liant ren­der­ing of Sir Ian McKellen as Mag­neto in the X-Men films, as well as Bill Nighy in Un­der­world. Their ac­cu­racy is in­cred­i­ble.

“I love sculp­ture,” he beams. “I also have a large col­lec­tion of mer­chan­dise from films and tele­vi­sion pro­grammes. I’d love to make some things com­pletely in my own style, but I lack the time and I’m lim­ited by ma­te­ri­als, so I only have some semi- fin­ished pieces at the mo­ment.” But it’s more than a hobby: cre­at­ing a 3D rep­re­sen­ta­tion of a char­ac­ter can help with fig­ur­ing out light­ing and fa­cial struc­ture. “Some­times you can greatly im­prove the struc­ture of the bod­ies in a paint­ing by ref­er­enc­ing phys­i­cal ob­jects,” he says.

“It can give you more ideas, too. For ex­am­ple, you’re por­tray­ing a per­son’s face, and you think the bot­tom part of the fa­cial struc­ture will look ‘tougher’ with side light­ing – but then you try it back­lit with a real model, and you dis­cover some­thing you didn’t think of be­fore.”

The year 2016 looks set to be KD’s big­gest one yet, with more com­mis­sions and projects on the go and, hope­fully, a move into other ar­eas of de­vel­op­ment.

“There are a lot of op­por­tu­ni­ties pre­sent­ing them­selves to me,” he says ex­cit­edly. “I’d love to be able to work with some of the mas­ters, and I also hope I can in­spire more peo­ple,” says KD.

“In terms of films and tele­vi­sion pro­grammes, I’d like to in­crease my ex­po­sure to a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent con­cep­tual de­signs and be able to dis­cuss my ideas with direc­tors.” Frankly, we’re as ex­cited about his new projects as he is.

Oops, looks like you got my in­vi­ta­tion, Wolver­ine…

“Fan art for League of Leg­ends, fea­tur­ing Syn­dra, Maokai, Thresh,

Lu­cian and Ren­gar.” KD feels jus­ti­fi­ably proud at hav­ing

done con­cept work for Marvel.


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