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Lo­ca­tion: US Web: www.lutz­ Em ail: m@Lutz­ ME­DIA: Photoshop, Maya

“I’m an artist to­day be­cause I played too much Bal­dur’s Gate and Star­Craft as a kid and a light clicked on in my head when I re­alised that some­one drew all that stuff!” says Martin. “Th­ese epic sto­ries and awe­some char­ac­ters were way more in­ter­est­ing than school.”

His work also com­bines his love of old-school paint­ing, tak­ing in­spi­ra­tion from artists such as Sar­gent, Zorn and Wyeth. Martin also paints plein air with gouache and ca­sein, and even though he doesn’t gen­er­ally do pro­fes­sional tra­di­tional work, he’s learned a lot about colour and com­po­si­tion from it.

“Of­ten I’ll gen­er­ate a pal­ette to sam­ple colours from in Photoshop,” he says, “sim­i­lar to how I’d lay out a lim­ited pal­ette for tra­di­tional paint­ing.”

1 The Bull Tower “I was think­ing about over­grown in­dus­trial cities and about big, dy­nas­tic cor­po­ra­tions. Then I drove by a re­fin­ery and re­alised I had an idea I wanted to work out in paint.”

2 Ko­var “This guy has the cra­zi­est sto­ries and de­lights in hav­ing an au­di­ence to tell them to. He’s a big tough barbarian who hunts saber-tooth tigers, but he’s also a lov­able ham. Char­ac­ters like this make any fan­tasy world a charm­ing one.”

3 Wind­call er Mage “I love play­ing around with the fan­tasy stan­dards. This paint­ing came from a ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if...’ ran­dom thought. What if air mages were young and en­er­getic in­stead of old and wiz­ened, and in­stead of heavy wizard robes they wore loose, flow­ing cloth­ing?”


De­feat “I wanted to show the af­ter­math of a bat­tle from the los­ing side. It was a tough one. I got badly stuck while I was thumb­nail­ing, so I mocked up the scene in 3D and played around with a cam­era and lights un­til I got some­thing I liked.”



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