Step-by-step: Make your line work fly off the page

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First I do my flat­ting. This is the process of fill­ing in the ba­sic ar­eas of colour. I make sure ev­ery area is flush to the next, with no white be­tween them by work­ing on a sep­a­rate layer from the inks and us­ing the Lasso tool with the Anti-alias op­tion switched off. I then rough in my ar­eas of shadow on a sep­a­rate layer (I al­ways keep a layer of just the flat colours as this en­ables me to se­lect ar­eas eas­ily with the Magic Wand). This gives me an idea of what the full colour pal­ette will look like. It’s a quick process that in­stantly adds di­men­sion. From here I ren­der the colours, us­ing the shadow colours with a lower Opac­ity brush to build them up. I’ll also add a few high­lights tones and tex­ture de­tails. I do a test print­out of the fin­ished ver­sion, be­cause some­times the screen will flat­ter the ren­der­ing a lit­tle.

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