Say hi to Gromp

2Minds worked with Riot Games on the League of Leg­ends char­ac­ter who eats in­sects and peo­ple!

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“This piece gave us a lot of vis­i­bil­ity! Work­ing with Riot Brazil and our art di­rec­tors Marco Aurélio (“Wendigo”) and Vi­tor Ishimura was re­ally nice; we learned a lot from them. The stu­dio was con­tacted by Ishimura who al­ready knew our work.

We were re­spon­si­ble for the three first im­ages to be re­leased for this pro­ject: Gromp, The Wolves and Blue. Those il­lus­tra­tions are wall­pa­pers for the Riot play­ers who had to col­lect some ob­jec­tives in the game to lib­er­ate some achieve­ments and re­lease the arts one by one. We are re­ally thank­ful and it re­ally made us proud! All art was dig­i­tally cre­ated, from sketches to fi­nal ren­ders. We made a few rough sketches with lay­out ideas. Th­ese were the first ‘splash screen art’ for the char­ac­ters, so we had to keep them very sim­i­lar to their in-game mod­els and add a lot of de­tail with­out los­ing their per­son­al­i­ties.was low poly, Sincethe biggest­the model ref­er­ence was the an­i­ma­tion cy­cles for spawn­ing, at­tack­ing and de­feat. It was a nice chal­lenge with a lot of pos­i­tive feed­back from fans. We re­ally en­joyed work­ing on it.”

2Minds’ work on League of Leg­ends char­ac­ter Gromp needed lots of

de­tail with­out los­ing es­tab­lished per­son­al­ity.

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