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I’ve been a sub­scriber to ImagineFX for years, and some of my favourites have been the hor­ror is­sues, as well as the re­cent one about black and white art­work. Have you got any more hor­ror or dark fan­tasy is­sues planned? Max­ine Jones, via email Beren replies: Hi Max­ine. I love dark fan­tasy too, and we’ve got some more com­ing your way soon. Plans are in place for an­other black and white art is­sue very soon, but we don’t have full-on hor­ror cur­rently sched­uled... they’ve never sold well, be­tween you and me, though per­son­ally I like noth­ing bet­ter than a pu­tri­fied cheer­leader zom­bie giv­ing me a big toothy grin. Ho hum. Do check out our books re­views on page 96 – there’s one there that might be to your taste.

Max­ine Jones is a fan of our re­cent black and white is­sues – plus any hor­ror is­sues, of course!

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