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1 Frigg, Lady of Se­crets

Oil, 18x30in

“Queen Frigg is the great­est of all seers. She knows more than her hus­band but tells none. This paint­ing was for a pa­gan tem­ple in Ne­wark, Eng­land. It was great work­ing on a religious paint­ing, but it was also in­tense. It’s daunting to know that you’re paint­ing some­thing used in wor­ship.”

2 Odin’s Se­crets

Oil, 18x24in

“The head of Mimir, dead god of knowl­edge, whis­pers se­crets to Odin, while his two ravens tell him what has hap­pened each day in Midgard. This is my most shared paint­ing on­line. I find it fit­ting that Odin, the Grey Wan­derer, also likes to wan­der the in­ter­net.”

1 Maiden Tree

Graphite, ink, water­colour on pa­per, 8.5x11.5in

“This was cre­ated for an an­thol­ogy of re-told fairy tales called Once Upon a Time. I il­lus­trated a story called Maiden Tree and this is the mo­ment the maiden trans­forms from her cursed tree form back into a woman, which can only hap­pen in the moon­light. I pur­posely went for more toned-down pal­ette than usual. It’s one of my favourites.”

2 Not Al one

Ink, water­colour on pa­per, 8.5x11.5in

“I got to in­dulge my love of gnarled trees in this piece. The girl in this paint­ing may think she’s alone with her trou­bles, but lit­tle does she know there are oth­ers who want to help.”

3 Keep an Eye Out

Ink, water­colour on pa­per, 11x17in

“This paint­ing is about find­ing in­spi­ra­tion and be­ing wary of cre­ative block or other ob­sta­cles that can get in the way.”

4 Below The Sur­face

Ink, water­colour on pa­per, 11x17in

“In this paint­ing the girl is imag­in­ing her­self as a mer­maid, which is why their colour­ing is the same. I used to imag­ine my­self as a mer­maid all the time when I was younger.”

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