Cre­ate card art that’s ro­man­tic

Dong-Wook Shin shows how he utilises light to de­velop an emo­tional mo­ment be­tween the king of the jun­gle and an un­sus­pect­ing princess…

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Dong-Wook Shin uses light to cre­ate drama.

This im­age was de­signed for the card game Leg­end of the Cryp­tids. I’d re­cently read the story of Henry VIII and an idea came to me from that. What about paint­ing a tyran­ni­cal Lion King who, for emo­tional con­trast, is pic­tured next to a young girl? The story de­vel­oped fur­ther…

Nobles from neigh­bour­ing king­doms have gath­ered to see the Lion King, at his re­quest, who will an­nounce his new bride at a ban­quet. The an­i­mal guests are sur­prised when he re­veals that he plans to marry a princess from the hu­man king­dom – and the princess had no idea of his in­ten­tions, ei­ther. The an­i­mal guests re­spond with sur­prise, while the princess isn’t par­tic­u­larly keen on the idea.

When I pass my ini­tial sketch on to show the art di­rec­tor, he says that while the Cryp­tids’ cur­rent cards are gen­er­ally dark, he sug­gests aim­ing to cre­ate a card with a bright feel. This was kind of an ad­ven­ture for me.

Over­all, I tried to cre­ate a fairy tale at­mos­phere, as well as a light touch to help gen­er­ate a re­al­is­tic por­trayal. The work was very highly sat­u­rated, to give a re­fresh­ing feel, with the warm colours.

I was told that sales of the im­age were quite good, as was the re­ac­tion from the card users. It was en­cour­ag­ing to re­ceive such pos­i­tive feed­back.

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