Brit­tany A Pezzillo

Lo­ca­tion: US Web: www.brit­ Email: pezzillo.brit­ ME DIA: Photoshop, Alchemy, Clip Stu­dio Paint Pro, Manga Stu­dio

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Brit­tany has al­ways been fas­ci­nated by the fan­tas­ti­cal and the sur­real. Work­ing both dig­i­tally and tra­di­tion­ally, a lot of her com­mer­cial work tends to be dig­i­tal but her pas­sion lies in oil paint­ing and even mix­ing me­dia. “Re­gard­less of method, paint­ing is this amaz­ing bat­tle of cre­at­ing and los­ing edges, and I love it,” she says.

Brit­tany is a grad­u­ate of The Ku­bert School in Dover, NJ, and paints mostly for tra­di­tional gam­ing prod­ucts and comic books. “I grew up play­ing trad­ing card games and video games. I looked up to Sam­wise Di­dier, Joe Madureira/ Liq­uid!, Frank Frazetta, Brom, Thomas Baxa and Geof Dar­row.”

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