4 Break up your shapes into small , medium and large

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Avoid flat, straight edges wher­ever pos­si­ble (the first pil­lar), and split up your shapes into a bal­anced hi­er­ar­chy of small, medium and large. If all of your dec­o­ra­tive el­e­ments are the same size, your de­signs will look too busy (the middle pil­lar), and will lack a fo­cal point. If you’ve got a pile of rocks, mix their sizes! If they’re all the same, it be­comes bor­ing to look at. In ad­di­tion, try to avoid too much sym­me­try in your de­signs. There are ex­cep­tions to this, such as fu­tur­is­tic de­signs, but I’d still try to in­ter­rupt plain edges with a break of some kind.

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