8 in­ject life into your en­vi­ron­ments

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Here you can see sub­tle im­pli­ca­tions of story. Red buff scratches at the earth and digs up a bed-shaped hole for him to rest in. Red glows im­ply a mag­i­cal en­ergy re­sid­ing nearby. In the Baron Isle, an­cient stat­ues form a ring around a cen­tral crater. I wanted to im­ply that a rit­ual had taken place here a long time ago. The light­ning rods sur­round­ing the epi­cen­tre glow with in­fused mag­i­cal en­ergy that never quite set­tled. Try to tell a story about your world with­out us­ing words, and im­ply a his­tory off cam­era, an in­ter­ac­tion be­tween NPCs, or crea­tures of the world and how they live in it.

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