Adding vis­ual ef­fects

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I at­tempt to add more drama, by us­ing par­ti­cle ef­fects, dust, sun beams, flares, mo­tion blur and the ad­di­tional shad­ows cast by the strong light orig­i­nat­ing from the Warham­mer it­self, Ghal Maraz. Even if I place some vis­ual ef­fects at the be­gin­ning of the process, I al­ways take ex­tra time to try and fit some more of them in at the end. It helps cre­ate the im­pres­sion that the im­age is richer in de­tail and more dy­namic. Be­lieve me, there’s al­ways space for some ad­di­tional ef­fects, and in most cases they make the im­age stronger.

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