How I de­velop… an emo­tive fairy tale scene

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Mono­chrome sketch

I pic­ture the Lion King when he pro­poses the idea of mar­riage to the princess – as he pulls out the ring – and this de­ter­mines the po­si­tions of the char­ac­ters in the com­po­si­tion. I also con­cen­trate on draw­ing a suit­able lov­ing ex­pres­sion for the Lion King and the princess’s look of sur­prise.


Colour and light

I want the Lion King’s colours to be au­thor­i­ta­tive, while in con­trast the princess sym­bol­ises pu­rity, with the help of a white dress. I al­low in­com­ing sun­light through the win­dow to warm the scene, and I take fur­ther ad­van­tage of the blue sky by us­ing it as the re­flected light.


De­scrib­ing de­tails

I mod­ify and sup­ple­ment the more de­tailed parts of the paint­ing, adding de­scrip­tion to some other parts as I work my way around it. I also ad­just the po­si­tion of the hand hold­ing the ring, so there’s a good bal­ance of colour. I also tweak the de­sign of the char­ac­ters’ cloth­ing in places.

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