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Help me con­cept a fu­tur­is­tic div­ing suit

Bren­den Grove, Re­pub­lic of Ire­land


Tony replies

My first goal when­ever de­sign­ing some­thing is to hunt down a mood. I’ll write out some choice ad­jec­tives that suc­cinctly de­scribe the feel I’m go­ing for, then nar­row it down to a short list of just the most im­por­tant ones. In this case, we know it needs to read as un­der­wa­ter gear, and that it should have an ad­vanced, oth­er­worldly feel.

Since this is sci-fi, a lot of the de­ci­sions you need to make are go­ing to de­pend on what sort of path this world has gone down. Is it a clean, shiny ap­ple of a fu­ture, where ev­ery­thing is eggshell coloured and looks a bit like it’s made of, well, eggshell? Or is it more a grim, gritty dystopia where mod­ern tech­nol­ogy feels more like a strange Franken­stein of older parts scav­enged and as­sem­bled by sur­vival­ists? Your div­ing gear’s de­sign will tell that story, whether you want it to or not.

Be­yond just re­in­forc­ing the nar­ra­tive, you also want the out­fit to look ap­peal­ing and orig­i­nal. If it fits the ad­jec­tives, then the thumb­nail stays. If it doesn’t, I’ll at­tempt to mod­ify the sil­hou­ette in a way that makes the de­scrip­tors work. If the mod­i­fi­ca­tions aren’t help­ing, I just move on to a new de­sign. Wash, rinse, re­peat.

To give the div­ing gear that shiny look, re­mem­ber that those high­lights are sim­ply re­flec­tions. The more glossy a sur­face is, the brighter and more sharp-edged the high­light will be.

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