Sion’s level up

Tasked with pro­duc­ing 3D mod­els for one of the orig­i­nal LoL char­ac­ters Sion, Josh Singh helped up­date the champ for to­day

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Baby (mon­ster) steps

1 The art qual­ity in League of Leg­ends had far sur­passed Sion’s hum­ble be­gin­nings. He was a prime can­di­date for our Cham­pion Up­date Team. We iden­ti­fied what makes Sion ap­peal­ing and what wasn’t hit­ting the mark. We iden­ti­fied the fan­tasy we were try­ing to de­liver on. In Sion’s case it was an An­cient Un­stop­pable war­rior, who’d been brought back to bat­tle through fell magic.

Back­ground’s ev­ery­thing

2 Af­ter we found an idea and a few im­ages we liked, we be­gan to re­fine and add story to the de­sign. We be­gan to ask ques­tions like, “What did Sion look like be­fore he died?” We also asked things like, “Should Sion have any re­la­tion­ship or con­nec­tions to cham­pi­ons who are cur­rently in League?” We also be­gan call­outs of his weapon and char­ac­ter head­shots, fig­ur­ing out how un­dead we wanted to go.

See­ing in 3D

3 Af­ter we found a de­sign we liked, I mod­elled Sion in ZBrush. We used the sculpt as a ref­er­ence for the splash team as well as a source for the am­bi­ent oc­clu­sion map to speed up the tex­tur­ing process. One of the key jobs of the splash is how we want peo­ple to feel when play­ing this char­ac­ter? In Sion’s case I think the splash team nailed it. In the splash he’s de­stroy­ing his en­e­mies, and see­ing them driven be­fore him. Per­fect Sion!

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