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Ba­yard Wu builds up at­mos­phere in a scene us­ing in­vis­i­ble lines, light­ing and dy­namic sto­ry­telling

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Ba­yard Wu makes use of in­vis­i­ble lines and light­ing.

This im­age is an ex­am­ple of the per­sonal work I un­der­take from time to time. As such, it fea­tures my own ideas and pref­er­ences. Here, I’ve cho­sen to de­pict a dra­matic land­scape that fea­tures a range of rock tex­tures, and I want to push the feel­ing of depth in the en­vi­ron­ment.

Even in a prac­tice piece there’s al­ways scope to tell a story with drama and emo­tion. In­deed, it’s this at­ti­tude that I take into all of my cre­ative en­deav­ours.

In my other paint­ings that fea­ture dragons, they’ve been huge, mighty and proud crea­tures. For this piece I want to show a dragon that’s quite the op­po­site: a small, cun­ning beast that’s lurk­ing in the shad­ows as it tracks a group of ad­ven­tur­ers. But per­haps the rid­ers are in fact dragon hun­ters? We don’t know, and along with the dragon, the viewer is also hid­ing in the shad­ows, qui­etly watch­ing the ad­ven­tur­ers a`s they make their way across the pre­car­i­ous-look­ing bridge.

Like a well-made film, a still im­age can pull the viewer right into the scene. This, in turn, can prompt them to ex­plore the story in their mind, and won­der what hap­pens next. I’m fas­ci­nated by the pos­si­bil­i­ties thrown up by a per­son’s imag­i­na­tion, and am very keen to tap into its power through my art.

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