Com­bine tra­di­tional with dig­i­tal me­dia

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With your scanned pen­cil draw­ing open in Photoshop, cre­ate a work­ing copy of your linework layer. Use Im­age> Ad­just­ments> Lev­els... to re­move as much vis­i­ble pa­per grain as pos­si­ble. This can de­grade the qual­ity of the pen­cils, and you might want to leave some grain vis­i­ble, but it will af­fect the over­all im­age colour.


Cre­ate a new layer, fill it with black and click Layer Mask> Hide All. Click your ad­justed line work layer, Se­lect All and Copy it. Se­lect the black-filled layer with the mask, and click the Chan­nels tab. Click the Layer Mask al­pha chan­nel and paste your line work. Then choose Se­lect All and use Im­age> Ad­just­ments> In­vert.


Now dis­card the Layer Mask of the black layer. What re­mains will be your iso­lated pen­cil draw­ing. Re­name this ‘ Linework’. Add a Layer Style> Color Over­lay and se­lect a sepia or dark red. Use the same colour for a sub­tle Outer Glow. Set this layer to Mul­ti­ply and paint your colours on a new blank layer un­der­neath it.

My father’s 70s Pen­tel me­chan­i­cal pen­cil and Can­son 1557 Cro­quis 120g pa­per give me the sketch­ing feel that I’ve yet to recre­ate with dig­i­tal tools.

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