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Lois ex­plains how chang­ing the way she works helped her find her voice, a style and a mood that she’s be­come syn­ony­mous with When Lois van Baarle de­cided to aban­don line art and in­stead paint over her sketches with the bright colours that have be­come her call­ing card, it marked a turn­ing point in her cre­ative ca­reer.

“This sounds like a de­tail, but it changed my en­tire way of work­ing,” the Dutch artist says. “I stopped plan­ning out my art­work ahead of time and stopped wast­ing time on de­tails in the line work.”

Chang­ing her tech­nique in this way helped Lois shape a trade­mark style she calls “fem­i­nine and emo­tive”, while also draw­ing on two of her big­gest in­spi­ra­tions: Dis­ney and Art Nou­veau. Her over­all aim is to cap­ture a very spe­cific mo­ment in time, and she achieves this largely through colour.

“My process be­came more in­tu­itive and I added de­tails while paint­ing, not in the line work. This has be­come the defin­ing fea­ture of my cur­rent dig­i­tal paint­ing process.”

“I like to play around with colours and see how much I can make them stand out. In this case I wanted the hair to feel like it’s glow­ing.” “One of my in­spi­ra­tions is Art Nou­veau. It’s not only the dec­o­ra­tive qual­ity of the works, but also the ethe­real feel­ing and the sense of flow. I tried to cap­ture th­ese flow­ing forms with the hair, as well as the golden el­e­ments.” “This is based on a se­ries of pho­to­graphs I took of my liv­ing room around sun­set. I don’t draw en­vi­ron­ments as of­ten as I draw char­ac­ters, so when I do, I try to base them on ex­ist­ing places that I know well.” “Space is al­ways pre­sented as a hos­tile, un­for­giv­ing place to be. I wanted to try por­tray­ing space as a calm, peace­ful and beau­ti­ful

place in this im­age.”




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