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Pa­trick J Jones on how a good model can en­liven your fan­tasy art

ImagineFX - - Fantasy - Pa­trick is the au­thor of the best-sell­ing art books, The Anatomy of Style and Sci-Fi & Fan­tasy Oil Paint­ing Tech­niques. Pa­trick’s in­sights into his art pro­cesses are down­load­able from his on­line store at www.pjart­

The tra­di­tion of artist and model can be traced back to an­cient Greece, and al­though the artists are long for­got­ten their mys­te­ri­ous and al­lur­ing mod­els re­main, en­shrined in mar­ble.

Dur­ing the Re­nais­sance pe­riod the model was im­mor­talised again by artists, this time in oils. In those days there were no true cam­eras to cap­ture the model’s im­age, only the crude cam­era ob­scura, but artists could pay a model with sim­ple food, and have them pose all day long.

To­day, I con­tinue the tra­di­tion of draw­ing from a live model but, with bread and cheese no longer le­gal ten­der, the cost of paint­ing from a live model for weeks on end would lead me di­rectly to the poor house. Luck­ily, back in 1840 Alexan­der Wol­cott in­vented a magic box that changed the way mod­els and artists work to­gether. Its de­scen­dant, the dig­i­tal cam­era, pro­vides artists with the free­dom to pose mod­els be­fore the paint­ing be­gins and pos­sess their frozen im­ages for­ever with a sim­ple click.

To ex­plore this sor­cery fur­ther I in­vite you to step into my hum­ble stu­dio for an in­sight into a few of my pho­to­graphic ses­sions, and the mar­vel­lous mod­els and stag­ing meth­ods and tech­niques be­hind the paint­ings that they in­spire.

Each of Pa­trick’s fan­tasy art­works has its ori­gins in a se­ries of life-model photo ref­er­ences, which the artist takes him­self.

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