It’s time for the slime!

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In my ini­tial sketch, I fo­cus on cre­at­ing the flow of the crea­ture and the dy­nam­ics of how the ma­te­rial would move. I in­clude bits of slime that run and droop, bits that fling through the air as a ten­ta­cle flips or an arm moves, and parts that clump and smear as they drag on the ground. I keep the pieces ropey so they feel less watery.


Slime is shiny and ir­reg­u­lar. To help cre­ate this look I use the Lasso tool on an Over­lay layer to paint in the harsh and bumpy shapes of the shine, then soft­en­ing them with an Eraser as they turn across the form. A Scat­tered cus­tom brush can come in handy around th­ese harder core high­lights, to help round out the form as well.


To cre­ate a creepy back­ground to ground my crea­ture, I use the Quick Mask tool (C) to block in the ar­eas I want to work on. In­vert­ing the se­lec­tion and mak­ing a copy via Copy Merged, I cre­ate a layer that only has the back­ground area. Now I can paint be­hind my fig­ure with as many lay­ers as I want, sim­ply by mak­ing them clip­ping masks.

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