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I’ve just started us­ing Manga Stu­dio 5 and I was won­der­ing if there’s a spe­cial is­sue of ImagineFX that cov­ers how to use Manga Stu­dio 5, or which is­sues in­clude work­shops specif­i­cally on the soft­ware? Michael Fair, via email

Beren replies Michael, it seems it’s been a cou­ple of years since we’ve run a Manga Stu­dio-spe­cific work­shop (is­sue 95). That’s not be­cause we don’t rate the soft­ware, of course. More to do with the trans­fer­abil­ity (def­i­nitely a word) of the tech­niques that we cover in the mainly Photoshop-based work­shops. Any­way, I’m go­ing to look into get­ting a nice, plump, Manga Stu­dio work­shop in our next comic is­sue, just for you. You’re wel­come!

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