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1 I cre­ate ges­tu­ral pose thumb­nails, think­ing about what I want the fig­ure to be do­ing, what an­gle I want them to be viewed from, and how I want them in the scene. I build upon the cho­sen sketch with vol­umes and forms, flesh­ing it out with cylin­ders and blocks to achieve the three­d­i­men­sional an­gles of the body parts. 2 On a new layer, I build on top of the vol­u­met­ric pose draw­ing with more de­tail, flesh­ing out the hand poses, cloth­ing, dy­namic hair groups and shapes, and dy­namic ac­ces­sories such as Won­der Woman’s Lasso of Truth. I then clean up the de­tail draw­ing and pre­pare it for the paint­ing phase and fi­nal ad­just­ments. 3 I block in the ba­sic light­ing with an air­brush, think­ing about the vol­umes and how I want the light­ing to af­fect them. Once I’m happy with this stage, I go in on top with more ren­der­ing and de­tail. When the ren­der­ing is fin­ished, I add fin­ish­ing ef­fects such as mo­tion blur to add ex­tra mo­tion and dy­namism to the il­lus­tra­tion.

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