Daria Theodora

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Lo­ca­tion: US

Web: www.xintheodora.com

Email: daria@xintheodora.com

ME­DIA: Pho­to­shop, inks

Daria isn’t much of a painter. She prefers to put a lot of care and de­tail into her in­tri­cate line-work and then de­cide the colour scheme and mo­tifs dig­i­tally.

“My weapons of choice for draw­ing are ink ap­plied on pa­per with pen nibs (G-pen is the nib I used most of­ten) or brush,” she says. “Wa­ter­colour ones, Ja­panese ones, flats… any­thing I can use to en­hance the line va­ri­ety.”

Early on in her ca­reer, Daria looked to manga for in­spi­ra­tion, but her in­flu­ences have de­vel­oped to in­clude var­i­ous il­lus­tra­tors such as Arthur Rack­ham, James Jean and Yuko Shimizu.

1 Shape Shifter

“This piece was for the 2016 Month of Love chal­lenge: Lost in Trans­la­tion. For this, I in­ter­preted trans­la­tion as change or shift. It’s dif­fi­cult to know one’s true na­ture: a sheep in a wolf’s cloth­ing or the other way around.”

2 Sp ace Time Dis­tance

“I was in­spired by Shinkai Makoto’s Voices of a Dis­tant Star, hence the vague school uni­form. As time passes, dis­tance grows, but the long­ing is real.”

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