Ma­nip­u­late a li­brary of ex­cel­lent 3D ob­jects in Pho­to­shop with­out need­ing any 3D ex­pe­ri­ence

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Ma­nip­u­late a li­brary of ex­cel­lent 3D ob­jects in Pho­to­shop with­out need­ing any 3D ex­pe­ri­ence.

Price Free Com­pany Tur­boSquid Web www.pix­elsquid.com

Pix­elSquid is a Pho­to­shop plugin that en­ables you to add, place and ro­tate pho­to­re­al­is­tic 3D ob­jects di­rectly. Help­fully, you don’t have to worry about need­ing to know any­thing at all 3D re­lated, be­cause although you’re ro­tat­ing the images in Pho­to­shop, they’re still just 2D Smart Ob­jects.

There are thou­sands of high-qual­ity photo-based images in the Pix­elSquid li­brary, and each of th­ese “spinnable” ob­jects are ed­itable and adapt­able. You can have up to 100 items in your light­box at any one time and can re­place them with more ob­jects from the web­site. Ob­jects in your li­brary can then be added to your com­po­si­tions in Pho­to­shop. Each ob­ject in the li­brary is avail­able at any an­gle and as ei­ther trans­par­ent PNG or lay­ered PSD files.

Those work­ing in ver­sions of Pho­to­shop older than CC 2014 will need to rely on the Pix­elSquid web­site to find an ob­ject, get the per­fect an­gle for your de­sign, then down­load the file. But if you’re run­ning a new ver­sion, it’s much bet­ter to use the plugin as you can re­size the Smart Ob­ject and tweak its ro­ta­tion within your Pho­to­shop doc­u­ment. Once sat­is­fied, you can down­load a high-res­o­lu­tion PNG or a PSD file. The PSD files have a range of op­tions to make edit­ing them even eas­ier and you can edit sec­tions by se­lect­ing their base colours.

Pix­elSquid is a great as­set for mak­ing photo comp images, us­ing the mod­els as draw­ing aids to be used as roughs to help you vi­su­alise an im­age, or as part of a paintover piece. Es­sen­tially, it’s awe­some and it’s free. You should down­load it right now.

Pix­elSquid in­cludes lots of li­censed mod­els from pop­u­lar prop­er­ties, which can help you draw them cor­rectly for your own art­work.

Pix­elSquid’s col­lec­tion of mod­els can be used for ref­er­ence draw­ings and work­ing out how some­thing looks from more tricky an­gles.

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