Step by Step: Bring­ing dragon and rider to life

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1 Cre­at­ing thumb­nails

I al­ways start with rough sketches, to help me fig­ure out what the ba­sic lay­out will look like. When I’m do­ing them I think about place­ment of each of the key el­e­ments and how to bring at­ten­tion to the fo­cus. I usu­ally do th­ese in ball­point pen in my sketch­book, or dig­i­tally.

2 Sketch­ing

Af­ter I find an idea I like, I pro­ceed to a slightly more re­fined sketch. I start to think a bit more about form and what, prac­ti­cally, is go­ing on. This phase en­ables me to spend some time con­sid­er­ing the pre­cise cam­era an­gle, light­ing, graphic de­sign of the com­po­si­tion, and maybe some val­ues.

3 Colour and oil

Once I’m happy with the sketch, I add colour. I do this ei­ther with gouache or dig­i­tally us­ing Pho­to­shop. I like us­ing dig­i­tal me­dia dur­ing this phase be­cause it’s eas­ier to make ad­just­ments to the over­all colour scheme. Be­tween the dig­i­tal colour comp phase and the oil paint­ing, I’ll gather my ref­er­ence and trans­fer my sketch to a sur­face that I’ve pre­pared.

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