2 Let’s get kit­bash­ing

ImagineFX - - In Depth Kitbash Models -

I use my model as a first-base ref­er­ence to build up the ar­mour. I use 3ds Max, but any 3D pack­age will be fine. You only need to move and ro­tate ob­jects around. I’ll be start­ing with a pose, then dress­ing up the char­ac­ter in ar­mour. A pose that’s es­tab­lished early on helps to give the sub­ject a pur­pose, so you can then con­cen­trate on the gen­eral look in­stead of prac­ti­cal­i­ties. In my mind, the look of a de­sign comes first, then I try to find a way to make it work, rather than the other way around.

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