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Has any­one ever ac­cused you of cre­at­ing a soft porn mag­a­zine? Or at least a pub­li­ca­tion that ped­dles other peo­ple’s sex­ual fan­tasies? Be­fore you get an­gry, that isn’t my view. I love the mag­a­zine and hadn’t con­sid­ered this angle. But a friend picked up is­sue 135 and made these sug­ges­tions. I could see his point. It was an anatomy spe­cial, so per­haps it’s an un­fair ex­am­ple, but some might in­ter­pret the im­age on page 55 as an un­der­age les­bian scene. There are plenty of mam­mary glands on dis­play else­where and even some male gen­i­talia. But that’s de­fend­able be­cause it’s an anatomy is­sue.

How­ever, the im­age on page 11 looks to me like a porn star pose. Huge bo­soms, pushed to­wards the viewer. Is it not play­ing on our de­sires in a ma­nip­u­la­tive way? I’m just cu­ri­ous about your take on this is­sue. Katy Skel­ton, via email Beren replies I’m not an­gry, Katy! But you raise some in­ter­est­ing points. I guess firstly, as we’re a mag­a­zine about fan­tasy art, we wouldn’t want to limit any­one’s imag­i­na­tion. Not ev­ery sin­gle per­son will like where some­one else’s mind has gone when they’re be­ing cre­ative, but if it’s helped to pro­duce valid, high-qual­ity and com­pelling art, then it’s usu­ally a good thing. If art was truly dis­turb­ing, but high qual­ity, would he carry it? Well, no. So there is a line some­where, but I don’t think ei­ther of the im­ages in ques­tion have crossed it.

The im­age on page 11 is painted by a fe­male artist, who’s cre­ated some pow­er­ful – and yes, sex­u­alised – women. To me they cel­e­brate the fe­male form, while the other im­age has to be seen in the con­text of its genre, anime. To me art should chal­lenge es­tab­lished ideas at times and you could say both the cases you high­light do that. What do other read­ers think? I don’t think topic should ever be ig­nored or con­sid­ered fin­ished with, so I’m re­ally in­ter­ested in get­ting as many points of view as pos­si­ble…

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