Help me ap­ply manga styling to an ev­ery­day mo­tor ve­hi­cle

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Ja­son Ho­lifield, US

Michelle replies

Ap­ply­ing manga styling to a ve­hi­cle such as a car or a mo­tor­bike can eas­ily be achieved with good ref­er­ence and cre­ative prob­lem-solv­ing. I first col­lect ref­er­ences of the ve­hi­cle I want to de­pict from stock web­sites like, and manga ver­sions of that ve­hi­cle and any other manga ref­er­ences that will in­spire the de­sign. At this stage I also think about what types of themes I want to use for the manga ve­hi­cle de­sign.

Then I start sketch­ing out dif­fer­ent black and white ideas for the manga ve­hi­cle, think­ing about value, sil­hou­ette and unique iconic shapes. Once I have the first round of ideas sketched, I pick one and sketch it out more, work­ing in black and white and with sil­hou­ette and value. I then do dif­fer­ent colour ex­plo­rations for the cho­sen de­sign, think­ing about the types of colours and colour schemes that would fit for the type of de­sign I’m go­ing for and the type of char­ac­ter that will ride this ve­hi­cle.

Once I’ve de­cided on the fi­nal de­sign and colours for the ve­hi­cle, I re­fine, ren­der and light the fi­nal de­sign, fo­cus­ing on fi­nal pol­ish and ma­te­ri­als.

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