Tough­en­ing up my char­ac­ter

ImagineFX - - In Depth Card Art -

The bright and sat­u­rated pinks are mak­ing the im­age look a bit too sug­ary-sweet for my taste, so I toughen the char­ac­ter up with some darker lips and a Maori-in­spired chin tat­too. I also work on the face a bit more, us­ing a tex­tured brush to im­ply the pores of the skin. On top of that, I draw a cou­ple of scales, soft­en­ing the tran­si­tion from the skin to the fins on her head.

Il­lus­trate some ac­ces­sories

The char­ac­ter’s ac­ces­sories are only doo­dles, so it’s time to give them some at­ten­tion. I paint a va­ri­ety of shells and teeth: these are items she might have picked up on her trav­els. I don’t get too hung up on de­tail­ing these, be­cause that would dis­tract from the fo­cal points. To achieve this, the brush strokes on the shells should gen­er­ally be larger than those used on the face.

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