Let’s do some bird­watch­ing

ImagineFX - - In Depth Flying Vehicle -

I look at my ref­er­ence im­ages and sketch a ba­sic wing out in Pho­to­shop. There’s a huge va­ri­ety in the shape of bird, in­sect and bat wings, and how they ap­pear in flight, so you can raid Google for ideas. The wings of herons and crows are close to the look I’m af­ter for this pro­ject. Crows are tough and able fly­ers, while a heron’s wings have beau­ti­ful colour­ing and pro­por­tions.

Watch the paint job

I run through a few it­er­a­tions of wing sketches, try­ing to fig­ure out what’s work­ing and what isn’t. Then I paint a new ver­sion, adding some de­cals and de­tails as I go along. It’s very easy to in­tro­duce de­tails and patches of colour here to see if they work, and to ap­ply gritty de­tails, such as ev­i­dence of ex­haust marks on the paint­work. July 2016

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