Map the tex­ture on to the wings

ImagineFX - - In Depth Flying Vehicle -

UVW-un­wrap­ping a com­plex ob­ject is tor­ment, so let’s skip that. I add a top view of the hull’s paint­work to the wing tex­ture and ac­quire the UVW map­ping from the wing. Us­ing a pla­nar UVW means you get some de­fects where the sur­face rolls over away from the im­age plane, but they’re easy to cor­rect. It’s en­joy­able de­cid­ing what de­tails to add and where to lo­cate them.

Tweak­ing to per­fec­tion

All steps re­quire a bit of tweak­ing to get them right, but I make an ef­fort to step back and re­view the work. Pon­der­ing pro­por­tions, nudg­ing parts, al­ter­ing tex­tures in Pho­to­shop. I ap­ply the warmer-cooler prin­ci­ple: did my last change move me closer or fur­ther away from what I want? Many small nudges in the right di­rec­tion en­sure the de­sign is de­vel­op­ing nicely.

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